Inspirational Film

Using the latest cutting edge technology and treatments, we produce highly relevant and engaging branded content – from initial concept through to post production and distribution.


With video predicted to comprise 80% of all internet traffic by 2019, brands have a unique opportunity to get in front of their customers eye balls. But how do they cut through the clutter? And why should they bother…?

At The Drop, we believe that connecting with a customer in an intimate and authentic way through an emotionally intensive piece of video content can be very powerful when it comes to brand advocacy. Experiences are a great platform for content creation and by putting an experience at the heart of authentic communication we help brands stand out by delivering their brand message in a distinct and understated way.

What We Do


We specialise in creating branded video content for all social media channels including vertical video. We believe content should be channel specific and therefore optimised to ensure maximum engagement.

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Our extensive team of photographers have diverse portfolios, from ATL shoots for leading brands, to capturing big bang disruptive stunts or shooting stadium music gigs, we can provide talent and edit facilities quickly and efficiently.

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Working alongside leading brands such as Samsung and Facebook, we are focused on telling interesting stories in 360. We have a range of cameras to cover every brief as we understand that there isn’t a one size fits all approach to 360.

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How we do it


Struggling with how to bring your brief to life? Our creatives and producers work closely to conceptualise, storyboard and script treatments.


From pre-production requirements to post-production treatments, our team of producers, directors, videographers and editors consistently deliver work to a high standard.


We work with a brands in house performance team and have a close partnership with video seeding experts Unruly to ensure that content is distributed to relevant audiences at relevant times.

With over 30 million views, shares and likes on our content, our results speak for themselves.

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